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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a sample of some commonly asked questions we have been asked. If you have a question that aren't listed below or would like more information, feel free to call or stop by our office.


General Information


If I have a claim outside of business hours or on a weekend, how can I be helped immediately?

  • Allied offers 24/7 claim services at 1-800-282-1446. Progressive claims can be filed by calling 1-800-PROGRESSIVE.


Can I review my Allied policy or pay my bill online?


My premium went up. How can I save?

  • Give us a call or stop by so we can review your policies. We try to give you every discount possible, so if you think you should qualify for any of the following, please let us know.

Available Discounts


  - Multi-policy
  - Good Student
  - New roof discount

- Multi-car
- Auto financial - for having life insurance with Allied
- Loyalty discount



Other ways to save


  - Drop an old vehicle from full coverage to liability only
  - Increase your deductible
  - Instead of paying by check, have your monthly payments automatically deducted from your bank
    account to avoid installment fees

Auto Insurance

If I purchase a new vehicle on a weekend and haven’t yet added it to my policy, is it covered?

  • Yes, you are automatically covered for any newly acquired autos for at least four days after purchase with coverage that matches your current vehicles. However, you should always call us to add the new vehicle to your auto policy on the earliest business day possible to ensure that the vehicle has the coverage you desire.


I plan on renting a car during vacation. Will I be covered?

  • If you have comprehensive and collision coverage (in addition to liability) currently on at least one of your vehicles, then the same level of coverage will carry over to your rental car. If you have liability coverage only on your policy, then you will only be covered for liability claims on your rental car. Loss of use of the rental vehicle is not included in either situation.


What are the differences between split limits and combined single limits (CSL) for liability coverage on my car insurance?

  • Split limits separate bodily injury liability and property damage liability into different limits, while combined single limits (CSL) combine both into a single pool of money. For example, split limits of 250/500/100 provide bodily injury coverage of $250,000 per person up to a total of $500,000 for all people in a single accident with $100,000 for property damage. Alternatively, $500 CSL provides a pool of up to $500,000 that can be distributed in any manner to cover all liability in a single accident.


Do you offer accident forgiveness and minor violation forgiveness?

  • Yes, we offer both. With accident forgiveness, an accident won’t increase your rates, even if it’s your fault (one every three years per policy). With minor violation forgiveness, a speeding ticket or other minor violation will not increase your rates (one every three years per driver).


What does roadside assistance include?

  • This depends on the package you have, either Basic or Plus. The following services apply while driving a vehicle insured by Allied or even if an insured driver is a passenger in someone else’s vehicle.
  • Basic: Towing up to 15 miles, fuel delivery, lockout, jump starts, flat tires, and membership discounts
  • Plus: Basic package, plus towing up to 100 miles, trip interruption coverage, turn-by-turn directions, pre-trip map routing, and emergency messages

Homeowners Insurance

I recently made some home improvements and don’t think my house is covered for enough. Is there a way check my replacement cost?

  • We can check on the replacement cost of your home by having you answer a few simple questions. Please call us or stop by if you would like us to run a replacement cost estimator.


Do I really need renters insurance even if I don’t own much?

  • Yes, you should have insurance to cover your personal property if you live in an apartment or rental home. Even more importantly, renters insurance includes personal liability coverage that protects the insured from being sued for bodily injury and property damage.


Is my jewelry automatically covered? Am I covered if I lose it?

  • Coverage for jewelry (up to a certain amount) is automatically included on homeowners insurance packages, but it does not include loss by mysterious disappearance or misplacement. If you schedule your jewelry for its appraised value, it will be covered for loss by mysterious disappearance or misplacement in addition to theft and other causes of loss.


Does my homeowners policy cover me for identity theft?

  • If you have the HO55 endorsement, you are covered for up to $25,000 with no deductible to cover expenses while restoring your credit. As part of the HO55, Allied also offers free credit monitoring and online data protection, you can sign up here.


If I have a mechanical breakdown in my home, is that insured?

  • Allied offers an Equipment Breakdown endorsement that covers several household appliances. Learn more.